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استان یزد
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Abarkooh is located at 140 km southeast of Yazd in a plain with the height of 1510 meters above the sea level on the way of Yazd- Eqlid-Yasuj and had been located on the way of the Silk Road in the past. The climate of Abarkooh is arid and semi desert.

Abarkooh is composed of two parts as “Markazi” and “Bahman“, two cities as“Abarkooh” and “Mehrdasht“ and four rural districts.

Abarkooh ancient and tourist city, one of the oldest cities of Iran with rich civilization, prominent historical monuments, beautiful windward, icehouses, old castles, old trees, religious places and shrines is located within the historical triangle of Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz. The working population of Abarkooh is active in main fields including: 128% in Agriculture, 29/2% in industry, 58 % in services. The main cultivated area is related to wheat and pistachio is the second main product of this region. Handicraft of this area is composed of Rug weaving, Canvas weaving, Gelim Bafi, milky soap, felting and Giveh Bafi. Abarkooh people's race is Fars and they speak in Farsi with Abarqooei dialect. The most of people religion is Islam and they are followers of Shia. In addition to Muslims the followers of Zoroastrian and Jews live in this city, as well.

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