Genow Spring (Chashme-ye Abgarm-e Genow)

Genow Spring (Chashme-ye Abgarm-e Genow)

Bandar Abbas

Genow Spring (Chashme-ye Abgarm-e Genow)

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Genow Mountain is a one of the mountain ranges of Zagros, placed in the southeast of this mountains. The mountain is spread 20 kilometers north of Bandar Abbas city, between the villages of Fin, Siyahu and Isin. GenowMount with a height of 2340 meters spreads in an area of ​​more than 350 square kilometers. A hot water spring is also originating from the Mount Genow.

Genow hot spring is located 34 km northeast of Bandar Abbas and on the way to Sirjan. This spring has emerged in a valley from the slopes of Genow mountain and limestone heights. The water of Genow spring is sulfur and extremely hot. The temperature of water is between 41 to 53 degrees Celsius. This water is slightly green in color and smells of sulfur and is therapeutic. The Genow hot spring waters the surrounding palm trees and is also used for bathing. Two pools and several small porticoes have been built around this spring. The area is totally surrounded by palm trees. The effluent of the spring runs into a small river. Among the sights of Genow Mountain, we can refer to a wooden dam, Tang-e Siah Ravine, Tang-e Siah Valley, Par kuh Spring and Qarar Stone.     

Genow hydrotherapy resort with an area of ​​30 hectares hosts nearly two million tourists every year. This promenade also has a parking lot, gazebo, guest house, hotel, bicycle and gharry track, road garden, waterfall, shop, restaurant and amusement park.

The areas of Genow Mountain include tropical and desert trees, foothill and country steppes. Among these, we can find the species of grasses, Milkvetch, acacia oerfota, wendelboi Amygdalus, Brabejum , Pine, Cypress, wild Buxus, wild olive, Adiantum capillus-veneris, fern, Cumin, Caraway, Oregano, Calotropis procera, Juniper, Jujube, Salvadora persica, Acacia, Dodonaea, Pistacia atlantica, Prunus scoparia and Sweet Cherry. Also, a rare and native fish called Kapur Dandan or aphanius ginaonis lives in Genow spring, which feeds on cyanobacteria or green algae in Genow spring.

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