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Hindus Temple

Hindus Temple

Bandar Abbas

Hindus Temple







This temple is built in 1310 SH by Indian merchants of Shikarpur city in the west of India, for the Hindus who lived in Bandar Abbas and were busy with commerce during Mohammad Hasan Khan Sa’ad al-Malek reign since 1300 to 1344 SH.

Hindu temple is related to the late of Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar period and was used in Muzaffar al-Din Shah Qajar period. The building of this temple consists of a central domed rectangular room. Hindu temple architecture and the design of the whole building is influenced by Indian temples architecture and the architectural style of the dome and its surrounding stalactite makes it different from other domes in the Persian Gulf, and the other domes of Iran.

Coral stone, mortar, mud, coral stone, thick stucco and louis chalk had been used in the temple construction. Hindu are the followers of Brahman (those who believe in Brahma, Vishnu) and this temple is belonged to Vishnu. There are some small rooms for students of the Brahman school in the corridors and some religious paintings can be seen inside some rooms one of the most important of which is Krishna, the God of flutist.

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