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  • Ostad Shahriar Museum

    Ostad Shahriar Museum

    Ostad Shahriar Museum is one of the main museums of Tebriz city, located in Maghsoudieh, one old district...

  • Ayneh Khaneh Museum of Bojnurd

    Ayneh Khaneh Museum of Bojnurd

    Mofakham Ayneh Khaneh (literary meaning the mirror house) or Mofakham Commander Dar al-Hokmah is a Qajar building in...

  • Rais Ali Delvari Museum

    Rais Ali Delvari Museum

    Delvar village is a small port and the center of one of the coastal parts of Tangestan city,...

  • Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

    Tehran Contemporary Art Museum

    If you are interested in modern art and you can not afford to travel to the famous museums around the world, here is a special offer for you in Tehran. Tehran Contemporary Art Museum is one of the richest art museums of Iran which had been, in its original form and period of collecting, an exemplary across the world and it still has a lot to say.

  • Museum of Religious Figures

    Museum of Religious Figures

    The Museum of Religious Figures in Ardabil was established in 1382 SH. This museum is located inside a...


    The Fame & Myth

    • Suhrawardi (Zanjan)

      Suhrawardi (Zanjan)

      Shahab ad-Din Suhrawardi, titled as the Illumination Sheikh, and Sheikh-e Shahid is the most important philosopher of the...

    • Azartash Azarnoush from Qom

      Azartash Azarnoush from Qom

      Azartash Azarnoush is an author and researcher of Arabic linguistics and literature, the director of Arabic literature department...

    • Majid Samii (Gilan)

      Majid Samii (Gilan)

      Majid Samii, a physician and neurosurgeon, was born on Khordad 29, 1316 SH (19 June 1937) in Tehran. ...

    • Mohammad Ahsaii (Qazvin)

      Mohammad Ahsaii (Qazvin)

      Mohammad Ahsaii was born in 1318 SH. He is one of the pioneers of Calligram that is a...

      Dance & Local Games

      Persian Foods

      • Ash-e Sholi

        Ash-e Sholi

        Located in the desert region of Iran, Yazd province features the slightly cold and humid winters, with warm...

      • Chegdermeh


        Chekdirme, also pronounced as Chegidermeh or Chekidermeh, is one of the most delicious and popular dishes among the Turkmen people

      • Mirza Qasemi

        Mirza Qasemi

        Mirza Qasemi is one of the delicious Iranian foods which is recognized as the local dish and cuisine of the north of Iran, Gilan province.

      • Qazvin Home-Made Cookies

        Qazvin Home-Made Cookies

        Art of making cookies is very popular among Qazvin women. Until recently, all sweets common for celebrating Norouz were made at homes. Therefore, women in this province are more occupied with this art on the eve of Norouz.

      • Barberry


        Barberry holds a special place in Iranian cuisine and is highly popular. One of the Iranian dishes that uses barberry is \"Zereshk Polo ba Morgh\" (barberry rice with chicken), which is renowned and barberry is one of its main ingredients


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