Art & Culture


  • Mofakham Edifice

    Mofakham Edifice

    Mofakham edifice, the biggest and the most prominent architectural monument of Qajar era was built by Yar Muhammad...

  • Four-Season Museum

    Four-Season Museum

    Arak Four-Season Museum (four-season bath) is one of the most beautiful monuments in terms of architecture and tiling...

  • Paleolithic Museum of Zagros

    Paleolithic Museum of Zagros

    The existence of various Paleolithic sites in Zagros region and the favorable conditions of this region resulted from...

  • Chini Khane Complex (Ardabil Province)

    Chini Khane Complex (Ardabil Province)

    The glorious Chini Khane Complex inside Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in the name of the...

  • Natural History Museum (Ardabil)

    Natural History Museum (Ardabil)

    Ardabil Museum of Natural History is located on the eastern shore of Lake Shurabil and displays different ecosystems of Ardabil province and various species of animals


    The Fame & Myth

    • Kayhan Kalhor (Kermanshah)

      Kayhan Kalhor (Kermanshah)

      Kayhan Kalhor is born on Azar 3, 1342 SH in Eslamabad-e-Gharb, Kermanshah Province. He is an Iranian Kamancheh...

    • Majid Samii (Gilan)

      Majid Samii (Gilan)

      Majid Samii, a physician and neurosurgeon, was born on Khordad 29, 1316 SH (19 June 1937) in Tehran. ...

    • Mahmud Farshchian of Isfahan

      Mahmud Farshchian of Isfahan

      Mahmud Farshchian was born in 1308 AH in the city of Isfahan. His father, Haj Gholamreza Farshchian, was...

    • Khwārizmī (Khorasan)

      Khwārizmī (Khorasan)

      Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, the famous mathematician, astronomer, geographer, and historian, was born in 185 AH. There is...

      Dance & Local Games

      Persian Foods

      • Ab-Goosht (Lamb Shank Soup)

        Ab-Goosht (Lamb Shank Soup)

        Ab-Goosht, literally translated meat broth (Ab: water, broth, Goosht: Meat), is a hearty, heavy Persian traditional soup. The...

      • Khoresh-e Qeimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)

        Khoresh-e Qeimeh (Yellow Split Peas Stew)

        Khoresh-e Qeimeh is another delicious Persian classic dish, made of lamb, tomatoes, yellow split peas, and dried lime....

      • Ghalieh Mahi

        Ghalieh Mahi

        The local and traditional foods of southern regions have a crucial position in Iranian food culture and many...

      • Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar is one of the most popular foods of Qazvin province, which has been spread in all...

      • Katogh Mahi

        Katogh Mahi

        Katogh Mahi (Fish Stew) is one of the native foods of Hormoz Island. The main ingredient of this stew is fish.


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