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    The Fame & Myth

    • Ferdowsi (Razavi Khorasan)

      Ferdowsi (Razavi Khorasan)

      Abul-Qâsem Ferdowsi Tousi was born in 329 AH (319 SH), but there is no certainty about the exact...

    • Omar Khayyam (Razavi Khorasan)

      Omar Khayyam (Razavi Khorasan)

      Hojjat-ol-Hagh, Omar ibn Ibrahim Khayyami Nisaburi, known as Khayyam, is one of the Persian prominent scientists and cultural...

    • Kayhan Kalhor (Kermanshah)

      Kayhan Kalhor (Kermanshah)

      Kayhan Kalhor is born on Azar 3, 1342 SH in Eslamabad-e-Gharb, Kermanshah Province. He is an Iranian Kamancheh...

    • Mir Damad

      Mir Damad

      Mir Mohammad Baqer Esterabadi, or Asterabadi, known also as Mir Damad, was one of the philosophers, scholars, jurists,...

      Dance & Local Games

      Persian Foods

      • Tah Chin-e Morgh (Golden Crusted Saffron Rice Cake)

        Tah Chin-e Morgh (Golden Crusted Saffron Rice Cake)

        Tahchin is literally translated as “tah” meaning ‘bottom’ and “chin” meaning ‘to layer’. Tahchin is a gorgeous Persian rice...

      • Morasa Polow (Jeweled Rice)

        Morasa Polow (Jeweled Rice)

        The sweet festive dish of Persian tradition is often served at weddings to bring sweetness to the wedded...

      • Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar

        Qeime Nesar is one of the most popular foods of Qazvin province, which has been spread in all...

      • Baqala Qatoq

        Baqala Qatoq

        Baqala Qatoq is one of the most famous and delicious local and traditional foods of Gilan, which has...

      • Sabzi-polo with fish

        Sabzi-polo with fish

        Sabzi-polo with fish is one of the most popular and important Iranian dishes and is one of the suitable foods of this land that can be considered as a main meal, lunch, or dinner


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