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Paleolithic Museum of Zagros

Paleolithic Museum of Zagros


Paleolithic Museum of Zagros

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





The existence of various Paleolithic sites in Zagros region and the favorable conditions of this region resulted from hunting are among the most important reasons for the establishment of the only Paleolithic Museum in all around the Middle East. The museum complex of Biglar Beigi Tekyeh is the place of the first Paleolithic museum of the Middle East and one of the most famous specific museums in the world. Tekyeh was constructed in 1309 S.H. by Abdollah Khan Farash Bashi, known also as Biglar Beigi. The building has three entrances and its yard was built approximately five and a half meters lower than the street level. According to the experts, the most beautiful mirror works of Qajar are on display to the public in this invaluable building. It is one of the main museums in Iran which has been established in 1386 by Fereydoun Biglari and Moradi Bisotouni. The museum includes a collection of stone tools and bones of the cavemen which have been found in the first human settlements. The museum has four rooms where the visitors can see the materials of Paleolithic and Neolithic ages related to a time span between 100000 to 8000 years ago.  Interesting among the items kept and presented in the Paleolithic Museum of Kermanshah are the materials found in Shekarchian Cave, Mertarik Cave, Vazmeh Cave (in Islamabad-e Gharb), the remains of extinct creatures’ bones in Khorasan, Luristan etc. the oldest object on display in this museum is a stone tool dating back to one millennium years ago which was discovered in Kashafrud of Khorasan. There also exists the moulage of a Neanderthal man, the intelligent human, carrying the body of his hunt, and the restored images of the hunters during the stone age in this museum. Given the technical and sensitive process of making these moulages, there are only a few museums around the world which are able to display the desirable samples of these extinct humans. The present moulage in Zagros museum is life-size which has been created by a group of sculptors under the supervision of Dr. Fereydoun Bigdeli (the archeologist and expert of Paleolithic age). 

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