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2000 and 3000 Forests

2000 and 3000 Forests


2000 and 3000 Forests

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





3000 forest is one of the most beautiful and eye catching natural regions of Iran. 3000 Valley is located on the west side of Alamkouh peak with picturesque landscapes, Meadows, high forests and plains and is one of the beautiful and important landscapes of Tourism due to have pleasant weather, rivers, waterfalls and water spring. Some traces of human life in the far past years remain in this valley. Also, 2000 is a tourist region in the north of Iran with moderate mountainous climate with pleasant summer and partly cold winter.

The 2000 lush valleys in the northern highlands of Alborz and in the south of Tonekabon is a rare biological and natural complex in the cause of natural and special climatic condition that placed the meadows, forests, grasslands, glacier and peaks of mountain in itself.

Gerd Mountain highlands and Sialan peak ( the highest mountain peak of Tonekabon) are the important sport attractions of this region.



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