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Sisakht city is the center of Dena county, placed on the hillside of Dena mountain and it has an amazing nature. the distance between Sisakht and Yasuj, the capital city of the province, is 35km. people of Sisakht are from Lor tribe who speak in Lori language.

Sisakht is remarkably higher than the sea level. It is close to Dena mountain that is placed among three provinces of Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad, Isfahan and Fars and its high peaks are more than 4000 meters. Qash-Mastan or Bijan3, Pazan Pir and Hoz Dal are the highest peaks of Dena mountain.

Mishi fountain originating from Dena heights is one of the main sources of water supply of Sisakht city. It is also used for the needed water of agriculture. This fountain is the host of many tourists during the spring and summer who come here for mountain climbing and nature trekking.

Kuh Gol lake is another natural attraction of Sisakht. To reach this lake one has to walk a path on foot. The mountainous lake of Kuh Gol is about eight kilometers far from sisakht. Kuh Gol region is among the most beautiful areas of Sisakht containing a pristine and beautiful nature. The plain of Fritillaria and the waterfall of Tang-e Namak are here in the region of Kuh Gol.

Bijan neck located between the cities of Sisakht and Apadana has also an attractive nature. this neck is located approximately 3300 meters higher than the sea level. The snowfall in this area is to such extent that the road is closed during about six months of a year. However, from the middle of the spring some attractive landscapes can be observed in this region.

The protected area of Dena is among the other natural attractions of Sisakht where many species of plants and animals are being kept. Goats, brown bears, golden eagle, wolf, wild cats and leopard are among the animals that live in this protected area, in addition to the animals like sable, mustache and Iranian squirrel which live among the oak forests.

The herbal medicine and mountain plants are the most important souvenirs of the region. The local honey of Sisakht is also highly popular.

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