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Laleh Park


Laleh Park

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Laleh Park is one of the happiest areas in the capital, located in the sixth region of Tehran, in Amirabad neighborhood. It reaches the north Kargar street from the west and Hejab street from the east. The northern side of this park is Fatemi street and it ends to Keshavarz boulevard from the south. It is one of the full-time parks in Tehran that have many entrances through all sides.

Tehran was to become one of the metropolitans and modern cities in the world, during Pahlavi rule. Amirabad neighborhood and Fatemi street started to be changed based on the pattern of New York city by constructing high towers and skyscrapers. It is stated that the Central Park of New York had been the model of Laleh Park, which is placed in the heart of the commercial area of Manhattan Business District, near the former twin towers in the World Trade Center. Accordingly, Laleh Park has also built in such a way that its north side situates next to the high building of Laleh Hotel (the former Continental Hotel) and the shopping centers and towers of Kargar street. In addition, the first specific library of children was established inside this park and its east side was given to the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults with a canter for puppet theatre performance. Unlike the plants and dense trees in the northern side of the park, the southern areas have been constructed in Japanese style with winding waterways, bridge, pond and island that give it a totally different environment. Two main passages were started from the north side and continue to parts of the park that is suitable for walking and running, play and exercise. One of the attractive points in Laleh park is the row of cedar trees more planted in the east parts. There is also a skate rink in this area.

In the northwest of the park, a little lower than the Carpet Museum, there is one of the most important attractions of Laleh Park, that is the handicrafts market. An interesting market in which the booth-like shops supply handmade flowers, vases and different wooden artifacts. Dressmaking, stores of cloths, carpets, Gabbeh and other kinds of handicrafts are also here. It is also possible to eat the traditional and delicious foods in this place in all seasons of the year. A little lower than the market, you will find the famous Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The building has been constructed inspired by the form of windward in desert regions of Iran. It is also good to know that the treasury of this museum is considered one of the greatest treasuries of modern painting in the world.

Some regular permanent or temporary exhibitions are held in this park; the temporary ones are usually held in a space next to the central fountain, in front of the statute of Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni, watching the sky. Created by the late artist, Mohammad Ali Madadi, who was graduated from the College of Fine Arts and dead in 1377 SH, this sculpture was installed there in 1373 SH. Installed in the northeast side of the park, the other statute is Omar Khayyam, created by the late Iranian Artist, Abolhassan Sadighi, commissioned by the Association of the National Works in 1351 SH. The artist is best-known as the Iran’s Michelangelo and his work was installed in the park after transferring to Iran. He created this artwork in Italy and like his other works, Ferdowsi and Nader sculptures made it from the marble. It is considered one of the invaluable artworks in the history of sculpture in Iran.

The football field, basketball court, skate rink and the center for theatre performance along with the library of children, public market and Laleh gallery in the north side are among the main facilities inside this park. Outside the park are also the Carpet Museum, the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts, Laleh shopping center and Laleh hotel.

Make sure you have proper coverage, Laleh Park has cold mornings and evenings during the winters and autumns. Going to this park is better when you have enough time to see freely all the booths, sit down on the benches of the Japanese garden, next to the cedars and experience their different environment. I promise you will start running and exercising even if you are not very sporty.

Laleh Park is busy and energetic in the morning and evening that makes you to visit both the sporty areas and denser nature in the north and east of the park. Unfortunately, these parts don’t have proper lighting and if it gets dark, there is not much left to see. It is better in such times to visit the Japanese park that has a better lighting or go to the market. The great fountain of park that is easily accessible through the main entrance in the north Kargar street, is not only light, but also you can experience a pleasant cool weather in warm nights of the summer.

In order to access Laleh Park, you can exit metro through the station of Enghelab square in line 4 and take a taxi or walk ten minutes in the north Kargar street to reach the park.  If you prefer the bus, the buses of Azadi square- Haft-e Tir and Valiasr square stop in Keshavarz boulevard that is the south side of Laleh park. Access to this park is also possible through a little walking in Fatemi street, Keshavarz boulevard, Valiasr square or Hejab street. Therefore, this park is easily accessible from wherever you are. In also should be said that Laleh vertical parking in Fatemi street will relieve you of the hassle of finding a place for your car.

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