From Dome of Soltaniyeh to Katale Khor Cave

From Dome of Soltaniyeh to Katale Khor Cave


From Dome of Soltaniyeh to Katale Khor Cave


You can start the trip from Qazvin or Zanjan. Although both of them have many attractions but we avoid to represent them and start from the first attraction of the route.

The first place you ought to visit is one of the great monuments of Iran which is called Dome of Soltaniyeh. This dome has been registered as the 7th monument of Iran in the index of UNESCO World Heritage Site. in order to visit this 700 hundred year dome, you ought to follow the sign of Soltaniyeh on the Qazvin-Zanjan highway. The exit is located in the south of highway and 30 kilometers before Zanjan.

Since the Dome of Soltaniyeh is a world heritage, there are good facilities around it for the visitors. After visitation of this huge brick dome, proceed the road about 17 kilometers, by crossing Viyar Village, you will arrive a narrow short road which leads you to the Temple of Dragon. Usually dragon reminds us Chinese and Indochinese culture, but here in Dashkasan village there is a Dragon icon.

Back to the main road and drive to south to Qeydar city. After visiting the tomb of Qeydar, the prophet, depart to Garmab city. You can rest in Garmab and have a bath in hot spring. Katale Khor cave is located near Garmab with a suitable road to access. It is the final destination.

Katale Khor is one of the prettiest caves of Iran, the initial part of the cave is ready to visit. One of the attractive parts of the cave is The Roof Cake and a mushroom-shaped limestone formed on the roof and walls of the cave. Stalagmites and stalactites are really beautiful but most of them has been destroyed by visitors.

It’s better to have warm clothes in order to visit the cave. The weather into the cave is always cool and humid, so this humidity makes you feel cold. There is an opportunity for the caving experts to explore the whole cave by an official permission.

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