Gulf of Oman

Gulf of Oman

Gulf of Oman

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The Gulf of Oman is one of the important sea passages in Iran. It connects the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean. About half of the coastline of Iran is next to the Gulf of Oman and parts of it are considered as natural tourist sites of Iran.

The Gulf of Oman has the Persian Gulf on its west side, and the Arab Sea and the Indian Ocean on its west side. Iran and Pakistan are located on its north, and Oman and the United Arab Emirates are on its south.

About eight hundred kilometers of coastline of Iran is next to the Gulf of Oman. It begins from the Gawadar Bay to Bandare Abbas. The cities of Jask, Chabahar, and Gawadar Bay are some of the most important cities in Iran that are located in this area. Muscat, the capital of Oman, is another important city located on the coast of this gulf.

In comparison with the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman is deeper. It is more than three thousand meters deep close to Chabahar. It grows shallower as it goes to the west and the Strait of Hormuz.

Chabahar is the most important city of Iran in the Gulf of Oman. Beautiful rock and sand coasts have been formed in this region, and have recently been one of the most visited tourist sites. One of them is Darak Coast, where sand suns meet the sea and create unique landscapes. Beris is another city close to the Gulf of Oman and is the fishing site of its local people.

With taking short walks, you can visit sand, rock, and coral coasts on this part of the coastline. Additionally, there are other tourist sites such as the Martians or Miniature Mountains that multiply the joy of a trip to this region. The second half of autumn, winter, and early spring are the best time to travel to the Gulf of Oman when the weather is at its most pleasant condition and you can experience a different Iran in its cold season.

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