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Zonuzagh Village

Zonuzagh Village


Zonuzagh Village

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The Eastern Azerbaijan province including more than 26 tourism attraction villages is on the top of Iranian provinces. From the most famous villages, Kandovan, Oshtubin, Gol Akhur, Khoshkenab, Onsorud, Zonuzag, Chiraghil, Eskanlu, Nuje Mehr, Aga Baba, Kasin and Sefide Khan should be mentioned. Between these villages the historical village of Zonuzag is an exceptional in terms of rural fabric and landscape. Zonuzag is one of the steppe villages of Iran which is the largest one in size
According to the archeological evidence, the main core of this village dates back to Safavid era and even before. The architecture of this village is unique, the combination of red clay and natural made materials have made an incredible scene. The owners of the houses have shared their roof with their neighbors since the roof of the bottom house is the yard of the upper one and this subsequently has repeated till the end of the village. The historical graveyard of Zonuzag including tomb stones of 10th century is the other attraction of this village

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