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Sepidan is located in the countryside areas of the Fars province, in southwestern Iran. As obvious by its name, the city is famous for its freezing winters and snowy hills, because it is placed at the height of more than 3000 meters above the sea level. 

This city is the location of one of the biggest winter sports in southern Zagros and it is the host of many tourists from different parts of the country. 

Sepidan is placed on the hillsides of Zagros mountains, northeast of Shiraz and along the way of Shiraz to Yasuj. This city consists of three sections: the central part, Homayjan and Beyza. 

People in Sepidan speak in Ardakani dialect, belonging to the Pahlavi language. This dialect is one of the old ones among Persian dialects which is highly similar to the Lori dialects. In addition to this region, Ardakani is also an alive spoken dialect in some parts of Fars and Khuzestan. 

The numerous tourism attractions, being adjacent to the capital city of the province, as well as the abundance of the water resources have made the city one of the proper opportunities for investment. In addition to the monetary resources resulted from the tourism industry, there are also the factories of producing composite, mineral water, match, cosmetics and clothing here acting as the economic elements of this small city. 

The mountainous nature and snowy mounts alongside the waterfalls, springs and river basins are the main attractions of the region. Two ski resorts, named Pouladkaf and Tarbiat Badani, are the host of thousands of passionate people about the winter sports. Margon, Chikan and Mourzian Waterfalls, Tang-e Tizab, Qourehdan, Ab-e Sarf and Baqdiun Georges, Beram Firouz and Beram Shishpar sLake are among the other attractions of this good-weather region. 

If you are interested in the winter sports and sightseeing the eye-catching scenes of the winter, the best time for traveling to this city will be the winter when you can enjoy the white areas covered by the snow. However, if you enjoy the green nature, unique waterfalls and boiling springs, the best season will be the spring and summer. 

One of the local edibles of Sepidan is Qormeh, that is kind of produced meal. It is in fact the result of a process which was used in the past in order to conserve the meat for a long time.  In this method, the meat is fried into the grease and then conserved covered in the sheep skin. The next stage is putting the meat underground or in other cold space. This method had been a good alternative for freezing or salting the meat. 

Another famous edible of this region is Baneh Ash with the main ingredients including the raw fruit of the wild pistachio which is locally called Baneh. Kardeh Ash, Dough Ash, Yogurt Ash, Hakel Rice, Kelk Bread and Do Piazeh are among other cuisines of this region. 

A variety of fruits and dry goods, handicrafts, wild plants and spices, wild pistachio (Baneh) are souvenirs of Sepidan.


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