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Vakil Historic Bath

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Being the most famous historic bath in Shiraz, Vakil Bath is among the buildings constructed in 1187 A.H. at Karim Khan Zand’s command, in the district of Shah square, next to Vakil Mosque and Bazar, with 8660m2 built up area, 120meters length and 80meters width.

This large bath has enjoyed the most advanced architectural principles of Zandieh Period. One of the most interesting sections in this bath is the alcove. Other sections include dressing room, hothouse and Khazineh. Sarbineh is an octagonal structure in which eight colored columns hold the dome ceiling of the building. The picturesque illustrations containing the image of Hazrat Ali and his famous sword, Zolfaghar, the stories of Shirin and Farhad, Bijan and Manijeh have been depicted, in stucco method, below the ceiling which attract the visitor’s attention.

The bath has been recently transformed into the restaurant and then to the Ethnography Museum aiming to recognition of shiraz people’s culture and customs.

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