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Narenjestan Qavam

Narenjestan Qavam


Narenjestan Qavam

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If you have this plan to visit Shiraz city (in Fars province) in the spring, be certain to include visiting of Narenjestan Qavam Garden Complex in your itinerary; Due to this fact that Shiraz always reminds us the aroma of orange blossom from its eye-catching gardens, especially in the spring.
Both the garden and mansion of Narenjestan Qavam belonged to the Qavam family, one of the influential families in the Qajar era. The family was also responsible for the construction and renovation of some buildings in Shiraz city, which these days, they all have become tourist attractions.
Narenjestan Qavam complex consists of different sections. The main mansion, located in the north of the garden, with its spectacular decorations, is one of the most marvelous parts of the Narenjestan Qavam complex. The large mirrored porch in front of this mansion has doubled its charm. The main building of Narenjestan Qavam complex is decorated artistically and the elegance of some fantastic interior design such as painting, plastering, carving, tiling and mirror work can be seen in each corner of this attraction.
The garden space with its large pool is other attractive parts of the Narenjestan Qavam complex. The aroma of orange blossom in the spring and the glory of ancient palms have made this garden one of the most charming gardens in Shiraz.
There is also a museum in this complex. In this museum, various antiquities such as dishes, paintings and old coins can be seen. Arthur Upham Pope, an American Iranologist, played an important role in shaping the museum, and many of the objects were donated to the museum by him.
The Narenjestan Qavam complex covers a large area and houses various buildings. Gachineh Bath, Qavam Hosseiniyah, Qavam School, Naranjestan, Qavam interior or Zinat al-Muluk House and Qavam Private Bath are other buildings in this complex. Qavam House and Zinat al-Muluk House (which was the house of Zinat al-Moluk, the daughter of Ghavam al-Molk), are only one alley apart and are connected by an underground passage that cannot be used now. 
This complex is located in Lotfali Khan Zand Street and Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, as tourists call it the Pink Mosque, is near to this complex which you must devote time to visit these gorgeous attractions.

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