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Quran Gate

Quran Gate


Quran Gate

Few Clouds

Few Clouds






“Quran Gate" (Persian: دروازه قرآن) is the oldest gate of Shiraz among the six old gates of this city. This gate is located at one of the entrances of Shiraz, which connects "Isfahan" to "Marvdasht" and "Firuzabad". The name is derived from the Quran (Holy Book) which was held in one of the rooms of this monument. Even these days, this gate has been designed with Ayahs (a verse in the Quran), due to the fact that anyone passing through the gate would be blessed by the Quran for travel safety. The Quran Gate, the name is among the list of national monuments of Iran is constructed in several sections; Span, Vault, 2 small arches, and 2 entrances on both sides.  The construction of this gate dates back to the reign of the Buyid era (934 to 1062), in which Shiraz was the capital of Iran over the mentioned period. Then, this gate had been damaged several times throughout history until it was renovated under the order of Karim Khan Zand (1751-1779). Although after his reign, the Quran Gate was damaged and then completely destroyed, it was again rebuilt in 1949.

In the reconstruction of the Quran Gate in the Zandi dynasty (1751-1794), a room was added above the gate that was the place of keeping two volumes of the precious Quran. Today, these Qurans have been transferred to the Pars Museum in Shiraz. The new gate has been built in a larger dimension that includes an arched opening and two small entrances on both sides of the gate. In the new construction, Ayahs from the Quran are written in the third line and a copy around the building. Shiraz is almost a city of four seasons; however, the summer heat of this city may cause you some problems. The city of Pink Mosque, although is famous for its sun, you as a traveler will probably not want to experience this heat while traveling.

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