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Jahan Nama Garden

Scattered Clouds

Scattered Clouds





Almost the first garden that Shiraz welcomes you with is the Jahan Nama Garden (Persian: باغ جهان نما [Bagh-e Jahan Nama]). Jahan Nama Garden is one of the gardens that was built during the Khan Zand period. The garden was fenced and a mansion built in it in the Zandieh dynasty (in the twelfth century AH) and under the order of Karim Khan Zand. Of course, some sources say that Jahan Nama Garden belongs to the seventh century AH and was founded in the Safavid period. After that, it rebuilt and improved during the Karim Khan period. This garden was renovated in 2004 and was inaugurated by the president of that time.
 Jahan Nama Garden is built on the slopes of a mountain, and the view covers the whole of Shiraz. Maybe that's why it's called a worldview because the garden overlooks the entire city. This garden is surrounded by a brick wall, and there is a Kolah Farangi (pergola) with four ponds at its center. One of the characteristics of Iranian gardens is the mansion in them. It is the residence of kings and a place to host governmental quests. The Kolah Farangi is octagonal and has four royal rooms. The royal rooms are in the four corners of the building that two-floor rooms have been built between each one. The garden covers about five hectares, and its natural and architectural beauties amaze you; it seems that a carpet of flowers is spread under your feet in this garden. In the middle of the garden, there is a marble-made pool filled with water from the Roknabad.
There is a museum in the center of the garden for the old manuscripts and other governmental instruments. In addition to the brick wall, which is built like a fence around the garden, there are several hundred-year-old cypress trees on both sides of the streets leading to the mansion. The vegetation in this garden is cypress, pine, and orange, which is one of the characteristics of Shiraz. The garden is located in a big square-shaped area that is divided into four other squares. The streets are grid-like, all of which lead to the pavilion. In other words, the mansion and pergola are located in the middle of the garden and are considered as the core. Jahan Nama Garden, which is the oldest garden in Shiraz, is currently under the possession of the city's radio and television. Jahan Nama Garden is located almost at the entrance of Shiraz between the Quran Gate and Hafezieh Crossroads.

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