Haft Tanan Garden

Haft Tanan Garden


Haft Tanan Garden

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Haft Tanan garden is one of the oldest historical sites of Shiraz. This garden dating back to centuries before Zand era and its building relates to Karim Khan Zand era, is located near to the Chehel Maqam Mountain in the north of Hafez mausoleum.

People went to this location to ask for rain or worship in the past. This garden named Haft tanan due to the presence of the graves of seven wise persons there on which Karim Khan Zand had installed large stones without inscription.

The roof of this building has been grounded on two large integrated pillars and five different ceremonies painted on stucco in the high niches which are considered as the masterpieces of the Zand period.

This complex was repaired and renewed by Mohammad Baqer Jahan Miri who was an artist and painter in 1336 and 1337 SH. The stones of this museum belonging to the third till eleventh centuries have been beautifully decorated with a variety of scripts. A large pool in the middle of the main building was full of Rokn Abad water in the past.

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