Afifabad Garden

Afifabad Garden


Afifabad Garden

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Afifabad Garden is located in a street with the same name in one of the most expensive districts of Shiraz. It was built in 1863 S.H. Afifabad complex includes a garden, a royal palace, a museum of old weaponry and Ebrat museum. Afifabad or Golshan Garden is spread in an area as big as one hundred and twenty-seven thousand square meters. The history of the garden traces back to Safavid dynasty, when it was used by the kings. Later, during Qajar era, Mirza Ali Khan Ghavam ol-Molk purchased and restored it.

Regarding the namesake of this garden, it should be mentioned that it is related to final years of Qajar. Back then the garden was owned by a lady named Afifeh Khanom. At the time of Pahlavi, the garden was gifted to another lady, this time Farah Pahlavi, the queen of Qajar. The garden was later purchased by the Army of Iran during an auction in 1961. After Iranian Revolution, Afifabad began its function as an army museum in 18 April 1991 and now has turned into the Weaponry Museum of Middle East.

Afifabd Garden has a simple structure. At the entry a columned gateway is visible. The capital of the columns is inspired by the capitals of Persepolis. There are two lions on the gateway depicted in a manner that they seem to be holding the door. After the gateway, there is a corridor that leads to inside of the garden.

The structure of palace located in the heart of the garden has two stories and thirty rooms in total. The lower story has turned into an army museum and has a fountain that is considered as one of its characteristics. Three stairways connect the first story to the second, where there is a long pathway with intersecting rooms on its sides.

In the center of the second story, there is a grand and glorious room. Its ceiling is made of wood and decorated with motifs of flowers, hunting ground, and celebration sceneries. All the walls have been decorated with stucco and Muqarnas and the windows are adorned with colorful glasses. Ebrat Museum is located in this story and includes meeting rooms, sitting rooms, library, gambling room and locker rooms. Aside from the buildings, Afifabad has provided a very pleasant natural setting in Shiraz, which creates spectacular views in spring and autumn.

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