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Alamut, a part of Caspian catchment, is located in the north and northeast of Qazvin.

A mountainous region including valleys and high peaks is the boundary between Qazvin and the north of Iran. The climate of this area is cold. Alamut region in geographical and political divisions is divided into two parts as Rudbar County (Western Alamut) with "Razmian" as its center and Rudbar Alamut (Eastern Alamut) with "Kalaye Moalem" as its center. Alamut (Rudbar and Alamut) was known as "Rudbar" until the seventh century, then it is changed to Alamut region because the presence of "Hassan Misbah" helpers.

The "Rudbar and Alamut" are the largest parts of Qazvin and this area is known for its fortresses such as Alamut and Lambsar and etc. Beautiful nature and Alamut wildlife, springs and large and small rivers, rice paddies and fruit orchards are the other attractions of this area. The main occupations of the people are livestock and agriculture and breeding animals such as bees that is done in some villages of this area.

Also, there are handmade products such as Jajim Bafi, Glim Bafi, carpet weaving, bedspread weaving in this region. Farsi and Tati are the common languages of people in this area and the residents in the border with Mazandaran and Gilan province speak in Gilaki and Mazandarani dialect. Alamut region is universally famous for the growth of Ismaili sect. The religion of the people in Alamut is Islam and they are follower of Shia.

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