Safavid Complex

Safavid Complex

Safavid Complex


The transfer of the capital city of Iran from Tabriz to Qazvin during the reign of Safavid kings led to the construction of various glorious and royal buildings and palaces in this city. Among these spectacular buildings we can mention to the Safavid Garden which is a complex of several buildings. 

Also known as Saadat Abad Garden, the Cultural Garden of Qazvin, Safavid Government House or Tahmasbi citadel, the Safavid Complex belongs to the Safavid and Qajar rules. It is placed in the heart of Qazvin, between two streets of Helal Ahmar and Peyqambarieh, leading to the Sabze Meydan square and Sepah street. 

The complex includes several buildings most of which have been ruined and there are only a few left, under the restoration. It also should be said that is impossible to determine the right place of the garden due to the demolition and the surronding constructions over time. Today, the restricted area between Helal Ahmar and Peyqambarieh streets are known as Safaid Garden. 

There used to be seven entrances for this garden from which only one is visible today, under the name of Ali Qapu Gate, and it is open to the public visit. 

According to the decision of the authorities, the surronding buildings which seem to overstep the area of the Safavid Garden have been bought and the Cultural Heritage Organization is currently reconstructing the complex. In this regard, the schools placed between Pahlavi Mansion and Grand Hotel (two buildings belonging to this complex) are in the hands of Cultural Heritage Organization.

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