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Shahdad Kalut

Shahdad Kalut


Shahdad Kalut

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Kalut, the largest cloddish city and the largest natural effects, in the Lut desert, is the unique desert complications. The Kalut is said to a sand mountain created by the effect of the dominant erosional agent in desert, i.e., wind making fascinating forms and shapes.

When suddenly an exotic earth structures to be seen in the Lut desert, and it continues as far as the eye can, it seems that you entered into a town. A town with no resident as if it is constructed for spirits. Therefore, this place is called an elf city. The area is known to be one of the "Geothermal poles" among geologists. Shahdad Kalut is the most beautiful natural phenomenon and most fascinating phenomena in the Iranian desert that there is nowhere in the world like that. The legendary Kalut city was created about 20 thousand years ago with water and wind erosion. There are 100 hectares of salt in egg shape in the Shahdad desert that there is nowhere in the world like that. There is no life in the area of 30 thousand kilometers at the heart of Lut.



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