Ragge Valley

Ragge Valley


Ragge Valley

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The province of Kerman is one of the popular tourist destinations in Iran. It holds the record of having a large number of historical monuments that have been registered by UNESCO. It holds in it Arg of Bam and Lut Desert. Dagge Valley may be one of the less-known sites of Kerman, but it is one of its most beautiful ones.

The length of the valley reaches up to about twenty kilometers. If you decide to walk it you will encounter many wonders formed by erosion. The depth of the valley reaches about seventy meters in some parts. A river called Givdary flows in the heart of the valley.

Ragge Valley has formed by erosion that has taken place for many thousand years. It seems that it belongs to the fourth Geological period. The experts have estimated that the valley is about twenty thousand years old. Its rocks have marvelous forms and come in different types of columns, cones, arches and strip rock walls.

As for the unique wildlife of Ragge Valley, kinds of partridges and eagles inhabit this land. There have been reports that a kind of gazelle live there.

Considering the geographical located of Ragge Valley and its closeness to a desert, the best time to visit there is spring and autumn. During winter it can be visited on the days that there is no or little rain. You should keep in mind that you will have to walk through the water at some points. So you should equip yourself with suitable clothes and shoes. You should also find a local guide who knows the path well so that you would not face getting lost or other such problems. The guide will show you the best path to walk through.

Ragge Valley is located twenty kilometers of Rafsanjan in the province of Kerman. This natural feature and tourist site has formed between two other registered sites of Meymand Village and Lut Desert. Once traveling there to visit the valley, you could also visit other attractions of Rafsanjan such as Haj Agha Ali House.

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