A Path between Two Folks

A Path between Two Folks

From Sanandaj to Miandoab



1st Day

We are going to traverse the Kurdish lands of Iran and proceed to its northern borders to reach the border of Turkish land.  We start from Sanandaj; the capital city of Kurdistan, a wonderful city with various attractions. Among many historic houses and mansions in Sanandaj, Khosrow Abad Mansion, Moshir Divan Mansion, Amjad al-Ashraf Mansion, VakilolMolk House, Ahmadzade House, Sarhang (Colonel) Azmoudeh Ardalan Mansion, Mullah Lotfollah Sheikh al-Islam Mansion and Malek al-Tojjar Mansion can be referred. In addition, various mosques, bazars and bathrooms make your experience of travel to Sanandaj extremely enjoyable.

It is better you to arrive at Marivan before sunset and after a night rest dedicate your tomorrow morning to excursion into the city.


مسجد جامع سنندج




2nd Day

Marivan is not only famous for its marginal market among many tourists, but also it has different historic and natural attractions. One of them is the well-known Zarivan Lake close to Marivan.


مریوان- زریوار

There exists another city nearby, naming Baneh, with only 20km distance from Iraq border; it is your next destination.


3rd Day

It is interesting to know that Marivan people speak in Sorani dialect- a branch of Kurdish language spoken specially in western parts of Iran. The surrounding nature of this city has totally a green appearance and it’s whether is really desirable and pleasant.

We strictly suggest you to spend the third night in Piranshahr. Now you set your foot in West Azerbaijan Province, however people are still Kurd here. Being located in neighborhood of Iran and Iraq border causes the geopolitics importance of the city.

Piranshahr inhabitants are mainly artists and artisans and many handicrafts of city such as carpet-weaving, glass and leather productions are famous. It is better to spend your night in Piranshahr and leave there for Miandoab tomorrow.


4th Day

Miandoab, the last destination in your travel, is located in south of Lake Urmia between Zarineh and Simineh Rivers. Miandoab attractions include Arches Mosque, Dash Tappeh Village, rock holes called Chehel Pelle (forty stairs), Tajjudin Ali Shrine, Hulagu Castle that makes your experience highly unique along with the wonderful nature of the region.


مسجد میاندوآب




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