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استان یزد
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Ardakan is located at the heart of Iran’s central desert on the way of Tehran to Kerman and Bandar Abbas at the height of 1035 meters above the sea level, in Yazd-Ardakan plain.

The climatic condition of Ardakan is cold with low rainfall in winter and warm and arid in summer.

Ardakan consists of three districts “Markazi”, ”Kharaneq”, ”Aqda”, three cities as “Ardakan“, ”Ahmad Abad”, ”Aqda”,  and five rural districts. This city is the first important city of the province after Yazd in terms of the population and vastness. This region enjoys a high importance due to its mines such as uranium, barium, iron, salt and its numerous tile making factories, huge glass factories, Chadormelu combined cycle power plant, palletizing, steel special economic zone. Agriculture is not highly prospered due to the lack of water in Ardakan. Pistachio is the most important export products of Ardakan and Tahini and sesame pudding and handicrafts such as textile, rug weaving and smithy are the most important souvenirs of this city. Livestock occurs sporadically in the region. Monuments, buildings and historical contexts, Zoroastrians temples, museums, numerous aqueducts, natural and desert coverage of the region are among tourism attractions of Ardakan.

 Ardakan people's race is Aryan and they are originally Iranian and speak in Farsi with Yazdi dialect. Most of the people in this city are Muslim and followers of Shia. Also, some Zoroastrians live in this region.

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