Historic city of Yazd

Historic city of Yazd


Historic city of Yazd

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The historic city of Yazd, a vast and ancient region dated back with ato several thousand years ago history for several thousand years, is considered as the most extensive, most systematic and most original historical area of Iran and the second largest residential adobe area of the world.

The extent, integrity and preservedation of the historical originality aspects of the city, as well as the use of indigenous local materials and consumption of the least energy in the construction of  adobe buildings is one of the most distinctive features of the Yazd unique architecture compatible with the hot and dry aride climate of the desert.

There are many tourist, historical and, natural monuments and as well as the cultural heritages in Yazd city, which has made it as one of the best tourism destinations of in Iran and all around the world. The historical construction of this city, windmills, Qanat system, traditional and adobe alleys and houses, minarets and, domes are the most significant apparent characteristicsindex of Yazd historical city. Vicinity to Silk Road, historical buildings, reservoir, hammams, baths, bazaars, mosques, Tekyehs, prisons, Hussainiyas, temples, old gardens, Zoroastrian temples, museums and etc.,….. are the other specific features of this historical city.


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