Masjed-e Jame of Yazd

Masjed-e Jame of Yazd


Masjed-e Jame of Yazd

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Jame mosque or Kabir mosque of Yazd, is the wealth of Islamic art and architecture that it’s primary building was founded by,"Ala al-dule Kalinjar" instead of the ancient fire temple in the sixth century AD, and the current structure of this building is related to "Sayyid Rukn al- Din Mohammad Ghazi, "Muzaffarid and Timurid eras in the eighth and ninth centuries AD .

From the index feature of this architecture can be noted to beautiful minarets and its high entrance, magnificent tile works, two inscriptions in Kufic and Sols, Double shell dome and its decoration ,interior walls of bedchamber, indirect lighting by reflecting light cited creation.

The minaret height is about 48 meters and the entrance height is about 24 meters and its diameter is about eight meters, which was added to the building in the Safavid era. This minarets become narrower in upward and only one of them has stairs.

Jame mosque of Yazd has been built during 100 year in the 3 era through single porch method. The main foundation of mosque is related to Sassanid and the current building of this mosque according to its architectural style known as Azadi, Gonbad Khane (An space under the dome) is owned to the Patriarch era and the height entrance of this building belonging to the Shahrukh and Timorid era .

In this great building construction has not been used the iron and all building parts constructed by cross arch, thatch and stucco.There is a part in this mosque sanctuary with small tile segments in the earth planet form which all colors in the tiles of this mosque decoration has been used there.

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