Faith centers

Throughout centuries Iran as the cradle of diverse civilizations from early settlements to great empires with different faiths, has been home to numerous civilizations and their cultures and the crossroads of religions. This land which have harbored many religious beliefs ranging from ancient cults to established religions of the present are at the same time the site of religious monuments that are still preserved with great care.

A crucial site of faith since the beginning of history, Islamic Republic of Iran now welcomes religious tourists who want to travel through this fascinating country to discover refined Islamic cities and delve into the history of sacred monuments and religious sites.

Some of the important religious places in Iran include Imam Reza Mausoleum in Mashhad, Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Chak-Chak Yazd, Tomb of Fatima Masumeh in Qom, The Towers of Silence in Yazd, The Holy Savior Cathedral in Isfahan, the Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran in the West Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan.