Museum of Water

Museum of Water


Museum of Water

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One of the most valuable architectural monuments and currently the world's most unique water museum is, "Water Museum" in the city of Yazd.

The museum and monument features a five-story building passing the string canals across for hundred years. There is a well on the roof of this house pulling the water on by the windlass while filling the cistern on the ground floor.

Now in this museum of historical objects, has constituted of materials related to digging the canal such as tools and devices of measuring the volume of water, lighting tools in the canals, documents dealing with buy and sell the water, Mirabs documents and water distribution documents, water storage containers, and many other valuable accessories and documents of some original aqueducts kept in Yazd.

The building was built based on the requests of one businessman in Qajar era in 1266 SH.

The structure of this building is based on a fabulous architectural style that follows the traditional desert style in which the cultural diplomacy has been considered.

Materials used in this monument are mainly of clay, mud, brick, straw, gypsum and wood structures built along with unique stucco.

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