Ayatollah Khatamai Historical House (Museum of Famous People) Ardakan

Ayatollah Khatamai Historical House (Museum of Famous People) Ardakan


Ayatollah Khatamai Historical House (Museum of Famous People) Ardakan

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Ayatollah Khatamai Historical House (Museum of Famous People) is a Qajari building with over 150 years of history. It used to be the personal house of Ayatollah Seyed Rouh Allah Khatamai, Mohammad Khatami’s father, and his family which was given over to the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization in 2003 and a year later, transformed into a museum. This national monument is placed in Yazd province, Ardakan city, Charkhab neighborhood. 

The architecture of the historical house consists of several main parts: Winter-hall which is three-door room where the religious and scientific gatherings were held at its own time; on the opposite side, there is summer hall which is a three-door room eighter with Yazdi windcatchers as its main characteristic. It includes a large porch and a hall used as a settlement in warm seasons. Spring and autumn halls are located in the west side. In addition, the house has a central yard, Iwan, windcatcher and a Payaab through which the water of qanat passed in the past. The main entrance of the house is placed in the northeast side while it includes four rooms in the west. The yard is placed in the south next to which there is a large hall and then a smaller yard in the back.  Kitchen is also placed in the western corridor. 

Seyed Rouh Allah Khatami was born in 1945 in Ardakan city and raised in the same place. He moved to Isfahan at the age of 17, after his elementary school, and stayed there till 1976. Returning to his homeland, Rouh Allah established Ardakan’s seminary where he became a Friday prayer Imam. Eventually, he passed away in 1988 because of an illness. 

The museum which used to be the house of the learned man is now ready to public visit with the aim of introducing the great figures of Ardakan. Over 100 figures are introduced here using bilingual introductions. Lighting improvement, restoration of the house, building proper vitrines and adding some new maps and photos are among the most important efforts in order to attract visitors to the museum of Ardakan. On the other hand, visitors are going to see a historical house with magnificent decorations and an involving museum at the same time. Photos of great Muslim figures as well as people of minorities are specially on display in windcatcher room. 

Khatami House is placed in No. 94, Charkhab neighborhood. The building has been registered in the list of Iran National Heritages in 2003. (No. 9116) 

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