Chak Chak Fire Temple (Pir-e Sabz, Chakchaku)

Chak Chak Fire Temple (Pir-e Sabz, Chakchaku)


Chak Chak Fire Temple (Pir-e Sabz, Chakchaku)

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Chak Chak  Fire Temple (Pir-e Sabz, Chakchaku)  is one of the most important shrines of the Zoroastrians in the mountain enjoyed a special reputation and many Zoroastrians come and pray in this place from 24 June for four days every year. Mehregan festival is held at this place every year. According to legends, this place has been the heaven of the daughter of Yazdgerd (Sassanid king), Nik Bano, from the Muslims.

The architecture of this area and surrounding buildings is, in a perfect harmony with the area topography, stepped and uphill, in about 5 irregular floors; so that the roof of the first floor is the yard of the second floor and fire temple inside the cave is located at the highest part of the mountain. Certain rules must be respected to enter the place. The entrance of the temple is metal with golden coverage decorated by Achaemenid image.

There is a huge sycamore tree inside the shrine, dated back to more than a thousand years. The floor of the temple has been covered with marble and its roof covered with stone. The water droplets are dripping down on the ground from a part of the roof. The containers have been put on the ground to collect the blessed water and its comestible consumption. There is a well with the depth of 50m inside one of the rooms. Some flames of candles are lit permanently inside the temple and there is a place to burn the incense or sacred wood. Some images of Zoroastrians grandee are inside the temple.

In addition to the old sycamore tree (with national registration number) and shrines in the mountainous area, a cave with very beautiful limestone cresset is one of the natural attractions of this region. Some amenities such as electricity, drinking water and some rooms for the convenience of the visitors are considered in this temple.

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