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Margoun Waterfall

Margoun Waterfall


Margoun Waterfall

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Margoun waterfall (Persian: آبشار مارگون, [Mârgoun] (is located next to "Margoun" village in "Komehr" section and on Yasuj-Eqlid road in Fars province.
This waterfall with a height of 70 meters and a width of 100 meters is among the tallest waterfalls in Iran. This waterfall originates from the top of a high mountain of Zagros Mountain range, and along the way, many boiling springs irrigate it. After falling, this chain of springs forms a river in the plain, which reaches the city of Ardakan and then joins the "Komehr" river in Fars.
In the middle of the Margoun waterfalls, there is a hollow in the heart of the rock and water pours into the waterfall with great pressure. The way to reach this hollow is not from the inside of the waterfall, but from the other side of the mountain.
The water level of the lake sometimes reaches the chests of those standing in the water. It is worth mentioning that the water of Margoun waterfall makes stunning and big icicles in the winter.
The vegetation around Margoun Waterfalls includes plants such as fritillaries, hawthorn. Among the Fauna of this area brown bears, goats, wolves, and foxes can be mentioned.
Margoun village is located on a mountain slope and has a stepped architecture with wooden, brick, and stone houses. Apple and walnut orchards are extensive in this village. The beautiful Margoun waterfall has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran.
The weather of this area is cold between November and April, and that is why some parts of the waterfalls get frozen. Due to this fact, the best time to visit Margoun Waterfall is from April to October. 
Unlike most of the waterfalls of Iran, access to Margoun Waterfall is very easy. If you have this plan to travel to this waterfall from the northern cities of Iran, after reaching the center of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad provinces, Yasuj city, the length of your route to the waterfall is about 65 km. At the 29th kilometer of Yasuj-Eqlid road, signs lead you to the waterfall. The car route continues up to 800 meters from the waterfall. You must park your car and continue on foot.

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