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Falafel (Persian: فلافل, [falāfel]) is one of the delicious and very nutritious foods that is usually known as Arabic food and related to the southern regions of Iran. Today, this food is cooked as fast food in many urban areas in Iran. It is served as a sandwich to those interested. Falafel has been imported to Iran from Iraq. These days, in addition to Khuzestan, cooking Falafel is common in Ilam, Bushehr, and Hormozgan province. The method of cooking Falafel in Syria has more details than in other countries. 
The main ingredient of all types of Falafel is raw chickpeas. However, we will explain the main kind of cooking Falafel in the Khuzestan province in Iran. Chickpeas are usually soaked in water for a few days before, and the water is changed every few hours to prevent the chickpeas from rotting. This method leads to eliminate flatulence. Chickpeas are then minced with onions and garlic. And then add boiled potatoes, tomatoes or tomato paste, curry powder, pepper, salt, and turmeric. They also add local aromatic vegetables, including parsley, mint, and a variety of spicy herbs. This mixture is the raw material of Falafel, which is usually prepared and frozen in large quantities so that some of it can be used for cooking when necessary. The mixture is formed into small balls through a metal tool dedicated to shaping Falafel. These balls are then fried in plenty of oil. To fry Falafel, it is necessary to cover the balls with oil so that all parts are fried evenly.
Falafel is served with a variety of sauces, including white or ketchup. But sauces such as mustard sauce and especially mango give a unique and pleasant taste. If cooking at home, it can be much tastier with a different type of local bread such as Sangak, Barbari, Taftoon, Lavash than baguette bread. Many people who are not interested in eating junk fast foods such as sausages, burgers, and hot dogs and want to try healthy food are usually regular customers of Falafel. Because Falafel, contrary to what is called, is not fast food, and the preparation is very time-consuming. The final step of cooking makes it look like fast food, thanks to being only fried in oil. Falafel is a complete meal and is usually sold separately in dedicated places. Interestingly, many of these places have made it possible for customers to fill their sandwiches by themselves

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