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Gachsar is a village among the environs of Karaj city in Alborz province located in the way of Karaj to Chalus along the beautiful Chalus road. This village has a reputation for having pleasant weather in warm seasons of the year and the snowy winters. The famous tulip garden of Gachsar provides a spectacular tableau of different kinds of tulips that attracts every year thousands of eager tourists to this region. 
The dialect of Gachsari Farsi that is spoken by people in this region is mostly similar to Mazandarani, although it is more easily understood in terms of words and conception. Most of people in this village are Muslim and the follower of Shia’. 
Gachsar is located in 65km of the northeast of Karaj. The altitude of village is 2230meters from the sea level and it is humid and cold. It is close to Shemshak and Dizin ski resorts and the natural cave of Yakhmorad has little distance to this village. 
The main source of income here is activities like animal husbandry, agriculture and handicrafts. Production and sale of animal products, wheat, barley, kinds of tree fruits like walnut, apple, sour cherry and cherry and other agricultural and garden products play a main part in the industry and economy of the village. 
Having the advanced welfare and tourism provisions, Dizin ski resort in 12km to Gachsar is a suitable place for doing winter exercises and it is an equipped place for the grass skiing in the spring. There exist the possibilities of horseback riding, walking and bike riding. Valeh hot water spring, Gachsar river, natural cave of Yakhmorad, stone bridge, Reza Shah palace and the chalk firing furnaces are the historical attractions of Gachsar visiting them is highly recommended to all travelers. 
The beauties of Gachsar are astonishing in all seasons, although the best time is the summer. the gardens of tulips in the spring and the colorful trees in the autumns made this region a spectacular destination in all seasons of a year. Different kinds of local pottages in which the local herbs and vegetables are used, the local halva and broth are the special foods of Gachsar. 

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