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Shah Abbasi Inn

Shah Abbasi Inn


Shah Abbasi Inn

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The Karaj’s Shah Abbasi inn is a stone – brick building built in Shah Soleiman Safavid era between 1078 to 1109 SH.

This building is located along the Silk Road and it is the only urban inn in Iran. This building infrastructure has been built by stone and its walls built of brick and mortar.

The inn with four porches and two alcoves, 22 rooms with porches for passengers rest, 5 storehouse for keeping the goods and caravan establishment had been used in Safavid, Afsharieh and Zand eras.

This inn has been introduced as a military base in the early Qajar era as well as the first agricultural school of Iran known as Falahat School in the late of this period.

According to its changes in it usage, this inn has several parts such as halls used for reception and various celebrations, restaurants, and café for public use.

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