Taleqan Dam Lake

Taleqan Dam Lake


Taleqan Dam Lake

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There is an embankment dam in Taleqan, on the eastern side of which a lake has formed. The dam is located in the southern foothills of Alborz Markazi Mountains in Alborz Province. In this province, there is Taleqan, which is a city in the capital of Taleqan County.

The water that feeds the lake, originates from Shahrud River, literally meaning the great river or the river of kings. This river is as long as one hundred and seventy-five kilometers that flows from heights of the mountain and after joining Alamut River, eventually flowing into the Caspian Sea in the northern region of Iran.

Initial researches about the formation of Taleqan Dam Lake were conducted with the intention of conveying the water from Taleqan to plains in Qazvin in 1348 SH. The projects for conveying water to Qazvin plains started by the building of Sangbaran Dam in Taleqan, which is categorized as a diversion dam, as well as a nine-kilometer tunnel for transferring water to Ziyaran, the water canals of Qazvin plain.

However, these are not all the introductory projects of Taleqan Dam. The project of Taleqan Dam was accompanied by a series of researches about a reservoir dam to store the water from floods during the springtime that happened in Taleqan River. But it was not finished until 1381 SH due to problems and other issues. In Farvardin of the same year, the construction of Taleqan Reservoir Dam began. It was finally finished in 1385 SH and began operating at the same time.

The lake formed at Taleqan Dam is more than ten kilometers long. It generates hydroelectric power. It should not be left out that the volume of this reservoir is about four hundred and twenty cubic meters.

The land surrounding Taleqan Dam Lake is now one of the most beautiful and attractive entertaining sites of Iran. Mostly people from both Tehran and Alborz Provinces visit there during spring and summertime. From the green shores around the lake, the landscape of Shah Alborz Peak in Alborz range, can give you an everlasting memory to hold on for many years.

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