Khorasan Razavi Province
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Few Clouds

The city of Joghatai is located along the Sabzevar-Jovein tourism route and from the west is limited to the city of Jajarm and also, Semnan province. It extends geographically in the northern heights known as Hardeh Jovein (1353 m) and form south to Kuhsar-e-Joghtai (2,924 m). The salty Jovein River flows from the east to the west of the area and covers the lowest land in the area. Based on the historical narratives of Qarez castle, which is a solid monument with fences and gates and multiple towers, is the core of the formation of a region called Joghatai. The history of Joghatai shows that the city has had a centrality and rule over 150 years ago and was considered as the center of the three-state government of Joghatai, Bam, Safi Abad and Mianabad as a major political and social interest in the region, extended from the Jovein Plain from Beyhagh Station in eastward to the west, Amir Abad village of Jajarm.


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