Azar Shahr

East Azerbaijan Province
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Azar Shahr

Few Clouds

Also known as “Dehkhvāreqān” or “Tufarqan”, Azad Shahr is located 45 kilometers southwest of Tabriz and along the road of Tabriz-Bonab. Sahand mountains are placed in the east of the city, bringing a pleasant weather for it. Being proud of the mystics like Khawja Yusof Heyran Dehkhvāreqāni and the famous mystic, Mowlana Khawja Ali Badamyari Dehkhvāreqāni in the past, Tufarqan is today honored to have some wise thinkers and martyrs like Ayatollah Sheikh Hossein Qaffari, Sheikh Abu al-Qasem Dehkhvāreqāni, known as Zia al-Olamaa, and Ayatollah Aqa Seyyed Asad Allah Madani Azarshahri. 

Azar Shahr city has an important place in producing split peas, walnut, Russian olive and almond. Its surronding cities are Oskoo and Ajabshir. 

Historical attractions: Qadamgah, Mosalla Hill in Jaraghil Village, Chahar Souq Bathhouse, the ancient and historical plane tree in Parapar, Stone Mosque in Jaraghil Village, Roman Mosque, Pir-e Jaaber in Mamaqan, the Grand Mosque and the old Bathhouse in Mamaqan. 

Natural Attractions: the mineral water of Taptapan spring, Qermezi Gol, Qeble Daqi Mount, Mosala Hill, Yengijeh Dam.

Top Tourism Region: Shur Su, Qermezi Gol, El Meydani 

The villages which are the tourism destinations: the village of Jaraghil with garden products like split peas, walnut and almond. 

Handicrafts: Carpet and Kilim, wood carving, wood marquetry, filigree, weaving blanket 


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