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استان آذربایجان شرقی
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Osku, one of the oldest and important cities, is located in 20 km southwest of Tabriz at the height of 1579 meters above the sea level in the northwest foothill of Sahand  mountain range. The climate of this city is temperate in summer and cold and frost in winter.

Osku consists of 2 parts as”Ilkhchi” and “Markazi”, 3 cities as “Ilkhchi”,”Osku” and Sahand“and 5 rural districts.

On the basis of having original natural sources, lush and beautiful, pleasant climate and a good potential in terms of Tourism industry, Osku is a highly populated city after Tabriz and Azarshahr in Tabriz. Historical monuments, Urmia Lake, Osku valley and the villages with specific architecture such as Kandovan village, Osku Jame mosque, holy shrines and old cemeteries are the most significant natural and historical attractions of Osku county.

Agriculture, gardening, animal husbandry, beekeeping, trade and service constitute the economy of this city. Osku industries include handicrafts and factories. Chintz making, blanket weaving, nylon making, dyeing, pasta production, scale making, lime burning, asphalt making, textile weaving and handicraft such as silk weaving, and rug weaving are the most important industries of this region. Tabriz-Maraqeh railway and Tehran railway from the north and the northeast pass across the Osku subsidiary rural districts such as Ilkhchi and Khorramshahr. The residents of Osku are Azari and speak in Azerbaijani Turki, most of them are Muslim and the followers of Shia.

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