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Maqbaratoshoara is a mausoleum that has been built in honor of more than four hundred poets, writers and men of words. Located in the heart of the historical city of Tabriz, it is now considered as an important symbol of this city.

Maqbaratoshoara has been built in historical district of Sorkhab. In the past, it was a part of a vast cemetery more than eight hundred years old, where many famous people were buried. One of the most known among them is Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi, known by his pen name Shahriar, who passed away in 1367 SH. In addition to him, Hakim Asadi Tousi, Qatran Tabrizi, Khaqani Shervani, Homam Tabrizi, Zahir ol-Din Farabi, Lesani Shirazi and many more renowned poets have been buried in this cemetery.

It is said that after some heavy earthquakes in Tabriz, the cemetery became vacant. However, since many celebrated people were buried there, it was decided that it should be restored. A mausoleum was decided to be built, a well. Finally, the construction of what we now know as the symbol of Maqbaratoshoara began in 1350 SH. It was in the same year that a competition was held to design the mausoleum. The importance of this competition was to the extent that it was published in Etela’at, Keyhan and Yaghma, some of the most read newspapers of the time. Eventually, it was the design by Gholamreza Foruzanmehr that was chosen.

There are two sets of stairways all around the structure of Maqbaratoshoara that lead the visitors to the building. This massive building is known for its intersecting vaults. The main space of the mausoleum has one large room and many smaller ones. It is in this place that the tomb of Shariar can be seen. It is a tomb that has been surrounded by a frame made of glass. The dates of birth and death of this renowned poet has been engraved on the glass.

Poems, sculptures and tableaus of the deceased poets have been positioned all around the room. In this cultural complex, in addition to the tombs, you can visit book and handicrafts stores, sculptures and small figurines. The works of the poets buried in Maqbaratoshoara are available in forms of books and other products at the store.

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