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El-Goli Mansion

El-Goli Mansion


El-Goli Mansion

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





El Goli, also known as Shah Goli is the name of a large park in Tabriz. Although the early history of the El-Goli is not clear, but it sounds that during Ak Koyunlu dynasty the construction process was started and continued till Safavid era. However, it seems that the lake originally was used as a water resource for agricultural purposes. apparently there was an artificial island with a small palace in the middle of the lake which was used as royal summer palace during the Qajar dynasty (when Tabriz was the official residence of the Prince of Iran).

During 2nd Pahlavi's the palace was reconstructed and a pass-way was built to connect the island to the sidewalks. It has a square artificial lake surrounded by side walk in four sides. There is also a building in the middle of the lake, with traditional architecture of Iranian Azerbaijan. In South of the lake there is a hill covered by trees. Two beautiful stairways connecting the sidewalks to the top of the hill. At top of the hill there is a building with modern architecture (Hotel Pars building). There is also a funfair next to the park.

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