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Shad Abad Cemetery

Shad Abad Cemetery


Shad Abad Cemetery


Shad Abad is located 10km west of Tabriz in Basmenj village. Nowadays, this cemetery is accessible through Tehran-Tabriz highway. All around the graveyard there are several tomb stones indicating the Muslim art man's majesties during 14th to 16th centuries. These tomb stones should be categorized as a cultural treasure that have never well investigated owing to limited accessibility to the site.

The method of funeral customs was that after digging the ground for about two meters in order to create the burial room and adding rubbles with lime mortar for the walls, the dead body was put inside the tomb in an embryonic mood with a lot of gifts, then by covering the tomb the body was sent to his after here world. The importance of this graveyard is mainly depended on Sultan Awais Jalayir's tomb located in the middle of the cemetery (1397).

The surrounding area is comprehensively restricted by a stone wall with about one-meter height. The existence of a stone gate on eastern part has organized the accessibility to the different parts of the graveyard.  The spatial relations between stone wall, entrance gate and the tomb of Sultan Awais has highlighted this graveyard among other Iranian's ones

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