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By selecting Azerbaijan as the capital of Ilkhanid dynasty during Abaga Khan and then Ghazan Khan, constructing new buildings had been a motivation for developing the new capital of Islamic world, Tabriz. So, investigating a high potential location such as "Sham" was inevitable. Fazlollah Hamadani reported that: "In the suburb of the city in the western part of Tabriz in the position of "Sham" that he himself [Ghazan] had designed and built"

Ghazaniyya was formed when the urban system of Iranian cities was developing in the direction of centralization; On the other hand, harsh situation caused by war aftermath, accelerated the villager's migrations into big cities. Therefore, high pressure of population in large cities besides disappearing well-balanced municipal hierarchy systems, was one of the main problems in Islamic cities during Mongol period. formation of Ghazaniyya town in Tabriz was one of the prime challenges of Iranian medieval urbanization because, the distribution of wealth, facilities and urban attractive factors in this town had improved the dwelling motivations as well as providing urban development potentials in Tabriz, the new capital of Islamic world

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