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Urmia Lake

Urmia Lake


Urmia Lake

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Urmia Lake is the biggest salt water lake of Iran is located between the eastern Azerbaijan province and the western Azerbaijan province. These lake water resources are supplied from 21 permanent rivers, 7 seasonal rivers and 39 watercourses, the lake's interior springs, direct snow and rain. This lake has been constituted of two aqueous and arid environment (national park) with varied islands which is one of the most significant natural habitats, plants and animals in Iran.

The national park value is based on the wildlife habitat types, species of vegetation on the islands, natural interaction in Azerbaijan region, tourist, recreational and social values, named National Park and Sepehr Biological Reserve, International Wetlands and Medical Value (Mud). Now the lake is in danger of getting arid.


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    Teppe Hasanlu

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