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In the heat of the summer, if you want to find a place with a good climate, summer regions such as the Shandiz recreational area is a good choice. It is located in Mashhad and Khorasan Razavi province. This place is mountainous and has attracted tourists due to its pleasant climate. Shandiz is 1400 meters above sea level. It is a good place for both the people of Mashhad and residents from the surrounding cities to spend the weekends because of its proximity to Mashhad. Since this region is located in the ever-green and water-rich mountains of Binaaloud, it is considered an attractive spot for tourists and visitors. Shandiz is on the route from Mashhad-Neishabour, so it has tourists who cross this route. This region was introduced as an international tourism sample due to its rich culture, and recreational and natural attractions.
The symbol in Shandiz is the Platanus tree (Chenar Tree), which is 2700 years old, and the trunk of this tree is so thick that is located inside the several shoes after the construction around it. In addition to its natural beauty, it also has many recreational attractions such as Forest Park, Robat Virani Museum, Razavi Astronomical Observatory, Golestan Shandiz Tourist Complex, motorcycle racing track, Gondola lift, Abreh ski slope, and so on. The historical value of this region has made it one of the most beautiful historical sites. The tomb of Sheikh Hafez Aberdehi, the remains of the historic castle of Shahandej, the Petroglyph Shotor-sang, and the Grand Mosque are among these historical monuments.
The best time to visit there is from early spring to late summer. In autumn, the weather cools down, but if you want to see the colorful autumn, ignore the coolness and be sure to travel there. The villages around this place also have spectacular nature, and we recommended you visit Abreh village and Zashk village as an example. To go to Shandiz, which is located 40 km to Mashhad, you need to go to Vakilabad Boulevard and enter the Torqabeh-Shandiz road. A little further, reach the crossroads and choose the Shandiz road. There is also a taxi station to go there. All you have to do is to go to Vakilabad metro station. From there, take a taxi to get to this unique area.

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