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Haft Sang (Lagori)

Haft Sang (Lagori)


Complicated story of balancing 7 stones on top of each other

Games of cultural aspects are designed and played in each region of Iran either in the past or in the present time in different places and under different conditions in order of human pleasure and enjoyment.

Haft Sang (Lagori) is one of the old and famous Iranian games which can be played in a team without any gender limitation, with different kinds of grouping consisted of more than 4 persons in an outdoor place. The more the number of participants is, the more exciting this game will be.. At the start, 2 people defined as leaders should choose their members and create 2 equal teams and then the starter team is determined by lottery. After that a pile of stones are arranged on top of each other and the starter team (the seeker) stands in a few meters away from the stones and the members of this team (the seeker) start to throw the ball towards the stones and if their ball do not hit the stones, the next one should come and throw his ball.

All the team members (the seekers) try the less stones to be touched by the ball and fallen on the ground then they can restore them quickly.

Rule of Game

Various types of balls and stones can be used in this game. The opposing team should stand behind the stones waiting for the point. If no one can hit the stones by ball, the teams change their place and the opposing team tries to hit the stones. If the ball hits the stones and they fall on the ground, members of the first team (the seekers) should be scatter around and scape; they try to place behind the stones in each situation, restore them and scape before the opposing team members can reach them. .In most of the time, teammates cover each other against the hit of ball. Each member who touches the ball is excluded from the game and the group members who expelled the game try to create an excitement by making noise and disturbing the concentration of the opponent group. If all members of the first group (The seekers) touch the ball, the game will finish and that group is the loser and if one member can restore the stones before their lost and state the terms of “Haft Sang”, that group will be winner.  At the end, each team that can achieve 7 scores will be winner.





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