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Roodkhan Castle

Roodkhan Castle

Roodkhan Castle







Roodkhan Castle, also known as Hessami Castle, is a historic castle located next to a river of the same name. Some historians estimated the time of construction of the castle dates back to the Sassanian Empire and Muslim conquest of Persia.

The castle was rebuilt in the Seljuk era and has been used as the war headquarter of Ismailis.

On the entrance of the castle, there was an inscription which read the castle was reconstructed for Sultan Hesamedin Amir Dabaj ibn Amir Alaeddin in the year 1512 to 1515. The inscription is now kept in Rasht Treasures Museum.

The castle includes two parts of Arg (residence of the ruler and his Harem) in two floors in the western part of the castle and also the eastern part which was an armory and was used for military activities and residence of soldiers, again in two floors with numerous loopholes.

Castle walls with 1500 meters length has 65 towers and fortification. The brick, stone, mortar and plaster were used in the construction of this structure. Embrasures are embedded on walls for pouring lava and shooting.

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