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Date of Registration: 2017

Kalporagan is a small village at the south east of Iran, Sistan & Baluchestan Province. This place is known as the only Living Pottery Museum of the World, Originates back to 7000 years ago. The art of pottery without any pottery wheel has been inherited orally from one to another without any changes since then. While the men carry pottery clay from Maskootan mine near the village and prepare the primary phases, major production process is done by around 30 women living in the village.

Geometric pattern with ancient motifs reflects artisans inspirations. Final product is brown, derived from a special stone called Titook. It is from brown or black Manganese stone, used instead of glazing. Kalporagan pottery can be in diverse forms such as: bowl, Jar, cup, sugar pot, pitcher and mug. Kalporagan was the first Iranian Village included in WIPO list since 2017.

Kalporagan Pottery museum established in 2009 as a living museum, with the possibility of visiting goods while artisans are creating them. The village hosts around 20 to 25 thousand tourists every year.

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