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    Artistic productions including handmade crafts are very potent cultural representatives, particularly for countries with ancient civilizations. Iran owns an enormous wealth of traditional masterpieces remained from old, middle, and modern arenas. The geographical location of Iran, bridging west to the east, along with the country’s long history of trade with other countries such as China and India, has contributed to the huge diversity of arts and crafts displayed in the country’s museums.

    • Ihrami Bafi of Khuzestan

      Ihrami is a kind of traditional fabric of Iran that is locally produced in province of Khuzestan. This fabric is made...

    • Kelim of Harsin

      Kelim is a hand woven that is produced on looms and without the use of knots. It has long been used as a floor covering...

    • Hasir Bafi of Khuzestan

      With its several-thousand-year-old history, Hasir Bafi, or mat weaving, is one of the oldest handicrafts. It is not...

    • Enamel, Brilliant Art of Fire, Earth and Furnaces

      Enamel refers to the art of painting and decorating metals such as gold, silver and copper (and sometimes glass and...

    • Giveh of Kermanshah

      Giveh Bafi, making of Giveh, or Giveh Chini, is one of most significant handicrafts of Kermanshah and it makes up a...

    • Pottery of Zonouz

      Zonouz is one of the counties of East Azerbaijan province, near the county of Marand. There is a Kaolin mine near this...

    • Termeh, Luxurious Royal Fabric

      Termeh is a woven fine and precious cloth with traditional Iranian patterns or textures which is woven by hand with two...

    • Ghoflsazi (locksmithing) of Chaleshtar

      Chaleshtar is one of the oldest cities in the neighborhood of Shahr-e Kord, in the province of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari...

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