From Ilam to Darreh Shahr
Ilam, Darreh Shahr

Zagros mountain in the west of Iran is more attractive in autumn than any other time of the year. The destination of this trip is Ilam and the start point is also the city of Ilam where the people are...

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Khoresh-e Qormeh Sabzi (Fresh Green Herb Stew)

Qormeh Sabzi is one of the most famous Persian stews which a true food heritage of Iran. It has been around for thousands of years in the ancient Persia. It is made from sautéed herbs, kidney beans, l...


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Pottery, Earthen Arts and Craft

Pottery is the craft or art of making dishes from clay by hand or wheels and the dishes made in this way are called earthenware. The earthenware pots which are made from different raw materials, mainl...


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