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    Artistic productions including handmade crafts are very potent cultural representatives, particularly for countries with ancient civilizations. Iran owns an enormous wealth of traditional masterpieces remained from old, middle, and modern arenas. The geographical location of Iran, bridging west to the east, along with the country’s long history of trade with other countries such as China and India, has contributed to the huge diversity of arts and crafts displayed in the country’s museums.

    • Chamush of Gilan

      Chamush is a kind of traditional footwear that has been produced in northern region of Iran, and specifically province...

    • Jajim of Khalkhal

      Khalkhal is considered one of the important handicraft centers of Ardebil province and also Iran. The most prominent...

    • Golabatoon of Hormozgan

      Golabatoon, with a more than two-thousand-year-old history, is a kind of traditional embroidery of Hormozgan. The World...

    • Namakdan Bafi in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

      Namakdan is one of the oldest handicrafts of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, a product that is categorized as a woven...

    • Embossed Kelims of Ilam

      Embossed Kelims are one of the original and the most important handicrafts of province of Ilam in Iran. Like many other...

    • Knives of Zanjan

      Knife making is one of the oldest and most famous handicrafts of Zanajn. Today, we know very little of its history...

    • Lacquer Work, Papier-mâché and Lacquer painting of Isfahan

      In Iran lacquer works first became popular under the name of papier-mâché, and was introduced in Safavid dynasty. It...

    • Kapu of Khuzestan

      Kapu Bafi or making Kapu is one of the handicrafts of Khuzestan, one of southern provinces of Iran. In the local dialect...

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