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    Artistic productions including handmade crafts are very potent cultural representatives, particularly for countries with ancient civilizations. Iran owns an enormous wealth of traditional masterpieces remained from old, middle, and modern arenas. The geographical location of Iran, bridging west to the east, along with the country’s long history of trade with other countries such as China and India, has contributed to the huge diversity of arts and crafts displayed in the country’s museums.

    • Gereh Chini or Trelliswork of Tehran

      One of the traditional decorative and applicable handicrafts of Iran is “Gereh Chini”, literally meaning arranging the...

    • Tow Bafi of Birjand

      Tow Bafi is the dominant handicraft of Khorashad village, one of the counties of Birjand in the South Khorasan. It was...

    • Inlay, Precious Arts in Orient

      Inlay, also known as Khatam or Khatam Art, is one of the precious arts in the Orient and is considered as a laborious...

    • Varis Bafi of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

      Technological advances and changes of the lifestyle of today have resulted in some handicrafts to lose their usage and...

    • Mirror Work in Fars

      Mirror work is the art of creating regular forms by using small or large pieces of mirror mosaics, and is used as a...

    • Darayi Bafi of Yazd

      The history of Yazd has entwined with the history of its textile industry. The traditional textile products of Yazd were...

    • Pottery of Lalejin

      For a long time, the word pottery has intertwined with the word Lalejin in Iran, the name of an ancient city in the...

    • Shiriki Pich Kilims of Sirjan

      One of the oldest handicrafts of Iran are Kilims and historical documents prove that they go back to more than five...

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