South Khorasan Province
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Date of Registration: 2018

Khorashad is a small Village at east of Iran, South-Khorasan Province. It is situated in Nasr Abad Valley and the unique name which means “The place of Sunrise” in Pahlavi language, is derived from the unique scenery. Originates back even before Islam, this place is a rare example of a village that people migrate to, instead of leaving it. Khorashad's noticeable features are breeding of many successful and elite individuals in scientific, cultural and economic areas, which are much greater than the capacity of a village with 1000 people. The region has been introduced as an elite village in Iran.

Residents of this village produce handicrafts beside agriculture. In 2018, Khorashad was included in WIPO for its Hand-Woven Fabrics called Tow-Bafi.

Tow-Bafi is the skill of producing a variety of traditional cotton or silk cloth (fabric). Today, the weaving of traditional towels in the village is done with traditional devices and simple tools like the past. Final product is unique in terms of linen or silk. The raw materials include silk, cotton, wool and viscose yarn (processed cotton and stick wood). Since 2004, training has been done formally in collaboration with “Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization”. Since 2011, by codification of professional and technical standard, trainees have also been certified by technical and professional Organization. Currently, there are over 300 active members in the women’ cooperative and 206 members in Vazin cooperative of Khorasabad.

With a production of at least 1200 square meters per day, this product is the bestselling handicrafts production of the province after carpet and rug.


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