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Nehbandan Martian Mountains

Nehbandan Martian Mountains


Nehbandan Martian Mountains

Clear Sky

Clear Sky





Martian or miniature range of mountain evokes the scenery of the Moon Mountains because of their unusual shape and it is one of most beautiful ecotourism poles of Iran, as one of the strangest natural phenomena.

These unique phenomena are the continuity of the Zagros Mountains, which finally arrive in Pakistan and they are in red, gray and white colors and its height varies from 5 to 100 m in comparison to the surrounding plains.

The genus of this phenomenon enjoys the great resistance, so the climbing up on this mountain is like the rock climbing. Bizarre forms of these range of mountains is resulted from the sediment and the rapid erosion against the wind and the rain which unlike the natural erosions, do not respite to growth the plant. Moreover, the unequal resistance of the earth layers has made this area full of dentate, edges and Kerf with beautiful grooves and the formation of columns such as caps on their heads or the mountains as if they had been cut off with a knife.

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